Kick Start Art Academy, LLC

Terms & Conditions

Arrival Policy
To ensure the success of all students, please arrive on time as key points in instruction happen at the beginning of class.

Focused Classroom
We strive to create a quiet, focused environment for learning. In an effort to prevent distraction, please leave or wait in the waiting area, during class. In addition, respectful behavior is expected from students at all times.

The first class is free for new students.

Tuition is based on 4 classes per month. Tuition is $18 per class. Your tuition will be prorated when there are more or fewer class days in the month, depending on the day of week you attend and holiday closures. You will be continually enrolled until you tell us otherwise. Monthly tuition is due on the 1st day of class each month.

Cancellation Policy
As a common courtesy, please give a 2-week notice if you will be canceling your enrollment. This gives us time to give your space to another student, who may be on a waiting list.

By enrolling in an activity at Kick Start Art Academy, LLC you give permission for you or your child to receive emergency medical treatment.

By enrolling in an activity at Kick Start Art Academy, LLC you hereby release Kick Start Art Academy, LLC from liability for any injury that you or your child may suffer as a result of participation in our program.

Artwork & Photos  
Photos of your child or their artwork may be used for display, art shows, open houses or other promotions; only first names and their age will be included. If you do not want to have your child’s art work or photo displayed, please let us know.

School Closure

If a class is canceled due to adverse weather conditions or for any other reason on behalf of Kick Start Art Academy, LLC and its staff, you will be credited for a make-up class in the future, refunds will not be given.


*Terms and Conditions are subject to change.